My Google App Presentation

Hmmmm, where do I begin.  To say the least, trying to post my Google app presentation was a bit of a pain in the butt this go around.  First I made a screen cast video tutorial about AdWords, and it got deleted before I had a chance to post it.  So as you can imagine, I was pretty frustrated.  Well if that wasn’t enough when I finally remade my screen cast, I could not get it to upload every single time I tried.  I tried multiple times to get it to work but nothing changed!  So I decided to try something different; a Prezi presentation.  Finally things were starting to look better for me, but then I kept experiencing glitches with Prezi (maybe it was just my laptop, but who knows).  Luckily, I did get it to work eventually so here it is finally!  I am sorry it did not get posted sooner, but I guess that’s the joys of technology.  Hopefully the next module will go a little smother!  Well that’s my rant for this time. Bye!


What I Have Learned So Far…

This weeks material has been interesting.  I created my very first blog, learned some terminology that I did not even know existed, and found out some stats that were amazing!

I have never had my own blog before, and I am not sure what I think of it yet.  I mean it is nice having my own space to share my comments and thoughts, but I have never been a huge fan of technology.  So maybe it will grow on me, maybe not.  I am willing to give it a chance and I am always okay with learning something new, so for that reason I am excited!

There were some terms and phrases I learned about in the articles I read that I did not know existed, let alone what they meant.  For example, Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which is where materials are delivered over the internet for users all around the world.  This a great way to share information and guarantee learning from anywhere.

When I watched the informational videos posted on the ECMP 355 website I learned some interesting things.  I did not know that there were predictions that things like report cards and chalk boards might be a thing of the past within the next few years. It is amazing how fast technology is evolving, and it is evolving before it’s time!  It must be one of the fastest growing things in the world.

I guess that is my rant for the night.  Feel free to leave comments or thoughts! Have a good one!